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Guizhou Province

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Guizhou was listed by New York Times as one of the 52 places to go in 2016 and listed by Lonely Planet as the Best in Travel 2020. Compared to other destinations of China, it is not that well known to travelers outside. For local Chinese travelers, it is famous for its stunning landscapes and the ethenic minorities, also the best place for summer vacation. 

Like all the other provinces in China, this province is huge. Basically, there are 6 popular destinations for foreign travelers: Guiyang and Anshun (Qingyan Ancient Town, Huangguoshu Waterfall, Zhijin Cave, etc.); Southwest part of the province, beautiful karst landform ( Wanfenglin, Maling River Gorge, Getu River Scenic Area, etc.); Southern part, stunning landscapes of Xiao Qi Kong, Da Qi Kong, and the world’s largest alien-finding telescope; Southeast part, ethenic minorities (Xijiang, Langde, Zhaoxing, Basha etc.) and best trekking route in one of the largest rice terraces area; Northeast Guizhou, Magnificant Fanjing Mountain, one of the well-preserved border military fortress – Zhenyuan Ancient Town.


Guizhou travel destinations

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