The best way to keep us in the top-notch league is to keep traveling and rediscovering the country. China is a country of constant change and needs continuous assessment for us to be accurate on recommendations. As China specialists, we spend at least a quarter of our working time traveling in China, not only to new places but to ones that we have been to dozens of times. We like to discover new potential attractions, explore authentic experiences, re-evaluate the existing itineraries and hotels, experience the newly opened hotels and bars, even try the newly open tea house of a street corner.

Given the countless online reviews, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the fact that most of these comments contain too many personal feelings and do not reflect the real situation. Based on our real experiences, we post our own travelogues and hotel reports so that the travelers can learn about the destinations from the insider’s professional view.

Our passionate team consists of local Chinese with overseas living experience and westerners living in China. We speak the same language, share the same values and culture, and we are here, ready to bridge the gap with our local knowledge and willing to help you with any issues when you travel in China.
Founders of CHINA A LA CARTE
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