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Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, for tourism, it mainly serves as the transportation hub of the province with other cities of China. Compared with other big cities in China, Guiyang is a leisure and slow-paced city. At day time, You can take a walk in Qianling Mountain Park, immerse yourself in the locals’ lives, feed the monkeys; or visit Guizhou Provincial Museum to learn about the local minorities’ culture and traditions; or take a half-day tour to see Qingyan Ancient Town or the Zhijin Cave, one of the most beautiful karst caves in China.

As the most developed city of the province, for luxury travelers, there are many international hotels in the city, Anantara, Sofitel, Hyatt Regency, Hilton, New World, etc. Also, the local luxury brand, Ven Courtyard Hotel.


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FI Jiaxiu Tower main
Jiaxiu Tower
FI Guizhou Museum 1
Guizhou Museum
FI Qingyan Ancient Town main
Qingyan Ancient Town
FI Zhijin Cave 2
Zhijin Cave

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