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Tongren, located in the northeast of Guizhou Province, bordered by Hunan Province, which makes it the perfect stop for the overland tour from Zhangjiajie, Furong Town, Fenghuang, Fanjing Mountain, to other places of Guizhou. The main tourist attraction is Fanjing Mountain, one of China’s most famous and magnificent Buddhist mountains.

For Luxury travelers, there are no luxury international hotels in this area. In recent years, there are more and more local 4, 5 and boutique hotels opened in the area, and the conditions are totally acceptable for foreign travelers, except the English level of the hotel staff.


tongren tourist attractionis

FI Fanjing Mountain main
Fanjing Mountain
FI Zhaisha Dong Village
Zhaishan Dong Village
FI Yunshe Tujia Village
Yunshe Tujia Village

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