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southwest guizhou

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Southwest Guizhou (Qianxinan) is famous for the magnificent karst landform ( Wanfenglin, Maling River Gorge, Getu River Scenic Area, etc.). In the middle of the highway from Kunming to Guiyang, Connected with Yunnan Province makes China’s most beautiful karst discovery travel route (from Kunming, Stone Forest, Xingyi, to Guiyang). 

For luxury travelers, there are no luxury international hotels in this area. Some unique local boutique hotels will be the hidden gems of your trip.


SOuthwest guizhou tourist attractionis

FI Wanfenglin main
FI Double Breast Peaks 1
Double Breast Peaks
FI Malinghe River Gorge 1
Maling River Gorge
FI Getu River Scenic Spot 1
Getu River

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