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Xinjiang is the biggest province in China. The local people have a saying, ‘without being in Xinjiang, you never know how big China is.’ For foreign travelers, there are totally 4 major areas in this province: Urumqi–Turpan area, the capital, and most famous Uyghur city; Yili (Ili), the seat of Chinese Kazakh people and famous for its beautiful grassland; South Xinjiang (Korla, Kuqa, Kashgar, and Hotan), where the ancient Silk Road ran through from the east to the west and entered Central Asian countries; and North Xinjiang, basically the Altay area, famous for the picturesque Kanas Lake and minority villages such as Hemu and Baihaba.

For luxury travelers, there are international brand hotels like Hilton and Grand Mercure in Urumqi, Radisson in Kashgar. One of China’s best wild luxury hotels, the Hot Spring Keluge Yeshe Campsite, is here, near Sayram Lake.


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