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Aksu Prefecture is located in mid-Western Xinjiang, an oasis area along the northwest edge of the Taklamakan Desert. The most important city for tourism of this area is Kuqa, most of the tourist attractions are around Kuqa, Kizil Caves, Wensu Grand Canyon, Tarim Euphrates Poplar Forest, and Kuqa Grand Canyon. Kuqa is also the south point of the famous Duku Highway, which is said to be one of the most beautiful roads of China, crossing the Tianshan Mountains from south to north.

For luxury travelers, there are no luxury hotels in this area; local 4-star hotels are the best options.


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FI Kizil Caves

Kizil Caves

The Kizil Caves (Kizil means ‘red’) is a set of Buddhist rock-cut caves located near Kizil Township, Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang. It said to be the earliest major Buddhist cave complex associated with the ancient Tocharian kingdom of Kucha in China.

FI Wensu Grand Canyon

Wensu Grand Canyon

Located in Aksu Prefecture, 980 km to Urumqi and 550 km to Kashgar, Wensu Grand Canyon is considered as the most stunning Yardang landform scenic area in China among the local photographers and explorers. However, because of its location, very few tourists visit it every year, once you are here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery alone.

FI Tarim Euphrates Poplar Forest

Tarim Euphrates Poplar Forest

The Tarim Euphrates Poplar Forest is located on the Tarim River on the northeast border of the Taklamakan Desert. It is the oldest, largest, and most complete reserve for desert poplars in the world.

FI Kuqa Grand Canyon

Kuqa Grand Canyon

Kuqa Grand Canyon is one of the ten most beautiful canyons in China and has been listed as a national geological park. In Uyghur language Kizilia means “red cliffs” because the Grand Canyon is made up of huge red-brown mountains.

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