China Travel Destination Shangri La


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Shangri-La, formerly known as Zhongdian, is famous for its holy monasteries, breathtaking landscapes, and untouched minority villages. For the travel insiders like us, Shangri-La is the best place in China for hikers and nature lovers; also the perfect alternative for Tibet, especially for travelers who don’t want to bother with the Tibet Travel Permit.

If you like the off-the-beaten-path places, you should not miss the Big Circle along Meili Snow Mountain, together with the Songtsam hotels, you can enjoy both the stunning landscapes and Tibetan Hospitality. From 2019, foreigners can travel overland from Yunnan to Tibet, which, even for the local Chinese, is a journey you should never miss.

For luxury travelers, there are Banyan Tree, Songtsam Linka, Indigo and Shangri-La hotel.


Shangri-La tourist attractions

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