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Linfen is a small city that lies between Pingyao and Yuncheng. The most famous tourist attractions are Hukou Waterfall and Guangsheng Temple, where you can find the largest and best-preserved glazed pagoda of China, the same style as the ancient pagoda of Grand Baoen Temple of Nanjing.

For luxury travelers, there are only local 3* and 4* hotels in Linfen. Normally we do not arrange for our clients to say in Linfen, instead, traveling from Pingyao, visiting Guangsheng Temple or Hukou Waterfall, and staying in Yuncheng.


linfen tourist attractions

FI Guangsheng Temple main
Guangsheng Temple
FI Hukou Waterfall main
Hukou Waterfall
FI xiao xi tian
Xiao Xi Tian

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