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4-5 years ago, Ningxia was not a popular destination even for Chinese travelers, in recent years, after many reports about the Western Xia (Tangut) Culture and many beautiful and unique local boutique hotels opened in the desert area, it became more and more famous nationally and globally.

Basically, there are two main destinations in Ningxia, the capital city Yinchuan and Zhongwei. Yinchuan used to be the capital of the Western Xia Dynasty (Established by Tangut people), where you can learn about the already-disappeared Tangut culture and its history in Ningxia Museum and Western Xia Imperial Tombs. Zhongwei is a beautiful city between the Yellow River and Tengger Desert, the best place to enjoy a desert trip and experience the unique boutique hotels.

For luxury travelers, there are JW Marriott Hotel, Kempinski Hotel in Yinchuan, and many unique boutique hotels in Zhongwei.


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