China Travel Destination Anshun


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Anshun, located at 90 km to the southwest of Guiyang, for us is the essence of the Great Guiyang Area, the beautiful Huangguoshu Waterfall, mysterious Dragon Palace Cave, unique-hair-styled Longhorn Miao minority, the well-preserved Ming Dynasty village – Yunfengtun. If you have limited time in Guizhou, it is the place you can not miss.

For luxury travelers, there are no international luxury hotels in this city, but in 2019 one of the most expensive local hotels, Bolian Resort & Spa, opened their fifth resort here. There are also some local boutique hotels, such as Jianglu Village Dawn Resort and Mountain View Boutique Hotel, are the perfect option to experience the local life and enjoy the stunning views .


Anshun tourist attractionis

FI Huangguoshu Waterfall main
Huangguoshu Water Fall
FI Dragon Palace main
Dragon Cave
FI Suoga Miao Village 1
Suoga Miao Village
FI Yunfengtun
Yunfengtun Village

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