China Travel Destination Xiamen


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Xiamen is one of the most popular travel destinations for local Chinese and overseas Chinese. The most popular tour is a 3-Day tour, one day for Xiamen city; the second day to visit Quanzhou by car from Xiamen, to see the most famous multi-cultural and historical city of the Mongolian Epic; the third day to visit Tulou by car. If you want to know more about Tulou, staying one night in Tsingpu Tulou Retreat is the perfect getaway.

For luxury travelers, besides the international luxury hotels such as Waldorf Astoria, Shangri-La, Andaz, Indigo, InterContinental, etc., the local luxury boutique hotel, Tsingpu Tulou Retreat, and Lohkah Hotel & Spa are also outstanding options.


xiamen tourist attractions

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