China Travel Destination Lijiang


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Lijiang is one of China’s most popular travel destinations, famous for its well-preserved ancient city, spectacular snow mountain, minority customs, and the traditional Naxi villages (Baisha, Shuhe, Yuhu, etc.).

Usually, we recommend our clients stay 2-3 nights in Lijiang, one day visit the city’s highlights (Zhongyi Market, Ancient City, Heilongtan Park, Naxi Villages Yuhu and Baisha), another day visit Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Blue Moon Valley, and watch the Impression of Lijiang; for nature lovers, a day tour of Sangushui and Wenhai will definitely be the hidden gem of your journey.

For luxury travelers, it is one of the paradises of luxury hotels, many international brand resorts have their property in town, Aman, Banyan Tree, InterContinental, Indigo, Hyatt Regency, Pullman, etc.; besides, local luxury boutique hotels, Songtsam, LUX, Tsingpu, The Rock Hotel, etc., might be the best way to experience the local hospitality.


Lijiang tourist attractions

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