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Chengdu, well-known for the Giant Panda and its tasty spicy food, is a city you should slow your paces and taste every bite of it. Normally we recommend our clients stay 3-4 nights in Chengdu, one day visit the Panda Base and the city’s highlights, such as Qingyan Palace, People’s Park, Jinli, Kuanzhai Alley (Wide and Narrow Lanes), Taikoo Li, etc.; the second day visit Leshan Giant Buddha. For travelers interested in China’s contemporary history, a day tour to Anren Ancient Town and Jianchuan Museum Cluster is perfect for you.

For luxury travelers, there are numerous luxury hotels in Chengdu, The Temple House, The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, W Hotel, Waldorf Astoria, St. Regis, Grand Hyatt, etc.


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