China Travel Destination Datong


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Datong is famous for Yungang Grottoes and Hanging Monastery. Normally, we recommend our clients stay 1-2 nights to visit the city’s highlights, Yungang Grottoes, Huayan Temple or Shanhua Temple, Nine-Dragon Wall, City Wall, and Hanging Monastery.

For many travelers before getting to Datong, maybe you have already visited the Great Wall near Beijing, compared to the restored Great Wall in Beijing, the Ancient Great Wall in Datong is totally different, with ruined walls, abundant fortress, farm filed, beautiful villages, and friendly villagers, all that you can imagine about a wild hiking tour.

For luxury travelers, there are no luxury international hotels in the city. The Yunzhong Traditional Courtyard, Holiday Inn, and a former Howard Johnson are the only hotels we recommend to our clients.

By the way, the local restaurant Feng Lin Ge is a must-try restaurant in Datong, and personally one of the most beautiful restaurants in China.


Datong tourist attractions

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