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The whole City is named after the Jiayu Pass, the western point of the Great Wall. For travelers, the Jiayu Pass Fortress and the Overhanging Great Wall are the highlights of the city; another famous tourist attraction for photographers is Jinta Euphrates Poplar Forest, in autumn time, there will be a lot of tourists in Enjina Banner Euphrates Poplar Forest, while Jinta Euphrates Poplar Forest is a less tourist site, and more convenient to reach.

For luxury travelers, there are no luxury hotels in this City.


jiayuguan tourist attractions

FI Jiayu Pass
Jiayu Pass
FI Overhanging Great Wall main
Overhanging Great Wall
FI Jinta Euphrates Poplar Forest
Jinta Euphrates Poplar Forest
FI Weijin Tomb Murals
Weijin Tomb Murals

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