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Daocheng Yading is mainly composed of three sacred mountains, “Chenrezig, Jampayang, and Chanadorje,” and surrounding rivers, lakes, and alpine meadows. Its scenery maintains the purity that can’t be found in any other places, with unique landforms. In order to see the most impressive view, you will need to hike almost 5km by yourself.
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Basic Information

  • Opening Hours: 7:00 – 18:30
  • Visiting Time: one day
  • Chinese Name: 稻城亚丁景区
  • Address: Daocheng Yading Scenic Area, Daocheng County, Sichuan Province

Overview – Daocheng Yading

Nyidên (Tibetan), or Yading or Daocheng Yading, is a national-level reserve in Daocheng County, in the southwest of Sichuan Province, China. It is a mountain sanctuary and major Tibetan pilgrimage site comprising three peaks sanctified by the 5th Dalai Lama. The peaks are seen as emanations of the three bodhisattvas Chenrezig, Jampayang, and Chanadorje, with Chenrezig being the highest peak at 6032 meters above sea level.

Source: Wikipedia


Chenrezig (“Xian Nai Ri”) means the Bodhisattva of Guanyin in Tibetan. The altitude of this peak is 6032 meters, which is the tallest one in the Sanyangzhu Snow Mountain. For people coming from Daocheng County, Chenrezig is the first snow mountain to show the whole body. When it first manifested its whole body, its mountain shape was a seated Buddha statue with head and shoulders, very similar to the four-armed Guanyin in Buddhist statues. It is the highest elevation in Daocheng Yading and the fifth highest peak in Sichuan Province.

The glacial meltwater on the northeast slope of the snow mountain constitutes Zhuomala Co (also known as the Pearl Sea), and the glacial meltwater on the southwest slope constitutes the Five Color Sea.

Jampayang or “Yang Maiyong” is a transliteration of Tibetan, meaning Manjushri Bodhisattva[6]. Yang Maiyong has an altitude of 5958 meters, which coincides with the height of the Shanoduoji Snow Mountain located in the east. The glacial meltwater on the northern slope of Yangmaiyong formed a sea of ​​milk.

For people coming from Daocheng, Yang Maiyong is the most difficult to see among the three snow-capped mountains. People need to enter the valley from Longlong Dam and pass through Chonggu Temple and Shenshui Gate before they can see Yang Maiyong. You can see Yang Maiyong from the Luorong cattle farm, Wusehai Sea, and the Milky Way, and Yamagata is the most upright as you see it on the way from Shenshuimen to Luorong cattle farm.

Jampayang seen from the Daocheng Yading Scenic Area faces north to east. You can see the “Sunshine on the Golden Mountain” landscape at sunrise. In autumn and winter, the sun cannot reach the side of Jampayang facing the Luorong cattle farm afternoon. Due to the high elevation angle of the sun in spring and summer, this snow-capped mountain can barely be illuminated in the afternoon.

Chanadorje or “Xia Nuo Duo Ji” is a transliteration of Tibetan, which means Vajra Bodhisattva. It has an altitude of 5,958 meters, which coincides with the height of the Jampayang Snow Mountain in the west. From the Luorong cattle farm, you can see two huge overhanging glaciers in Chanadorje. Compared with its neighbors Chenrezig and Jampayang, the rock formations of Chanadorje were pushed upright by geological forces and then etched by glaciers into what they are today. Obvious stratum lines can be seen on the mountain.

The Chanadorje Snow Mountain seen from the north shows an upright pyramid shape. And Chanadorje seen from the northwest was lying down. The peak seen in Daocheng Yading Scenic Area faces west and north. Therefore, at sunrise, the sun cannot reach the side of the Snow Mountain facing the scenic area. The landscape of “Sunshine in Golden Mountain”, for this snow mountain, only occurs at sunset.

Source: Wikipedia

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