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Chengde is famous for the Mountain Resort and the Outer Eight Temples, especially the Little Potala Palace and Puning Temple. The most popular way to visit Chengde is from Beijing by car. On the way, travelers can visit The Great Wall of Jinshanling, which is considered by most local people the most beautiful and less tourist section of the Great Wall near Beijing. 

In summer, you can take a 2-days-1-night trip to Saihanba National Forest Park to enjoy the stunning view of Mongolian grassland and the nomad hospitality. 

On the way back to Beijing, you can take another high way to visit the Eastern Qing Tombs or visit the Dule Temple, one of the 3 oldest surviving buildings of the Liao Dynasty.

For luxury travelers, there are no luxury hotels in Chengde. Our recommendation is Imperial Mountain Resort, which used to be a part of the Mountain Resort, very similar to Aman Summer Palace.


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